Why AutoGyro?




The Cavalon is a side-by-side seat closed cockpit sport gyroplane. 

It is a recipient of the RedDot Award for design excellence. Comfortable interior, sleek styling, luxury, smooth flight characteristics.

Price: $95,000 - $125,000





Cavalon Brochure



The Calidus is a tandem seat closed cockpit sport gyroplane. 

The enclosed cockpit allows true year ‘round flying in all parts of the country. Great visibility, smooth handling and the sexy styling lets you be the ‘talk of the town’ when you arrive in the Calidus. 

Price: $75,000 - $95,000


MTO Sport

The MTO Sport is a tandem seat open cockpit sport gyroplane. 

Visibility and fun beyond compare. The MTO Sport has been compared to a touring motorcycle that flies, leaving the road behind. You decide if this is a step closer to ‘Hog Heaven’? 

Price: $65,000 - $85,000

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